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Hey All,

My is name is Wendy and apparently... I have allot to talk about. Must be why I never stop talking! Thought I would give my poor husband a break from his bleeding channeling my vocal energy elsewhere...and what better way is there to ramble on.. than on a blog. 

I have always wanted to write stories and tell everyone about the amazing blessings that happen in my life. Now don't get me wrong, life does have its challenges but who wants to always hear the negative. I think that for every negative , there just has to be at least 10 positives out there right?.. 

My life has been rough as have many others but what would be the fun in dwelling on past mistakes, broken promises, hateful coworkers, and any and every poor little me moment? 
You have no future... if you live in the past soooo..... With that.... Forward is the motion of choice. 

I want to share my happy adventures and the people who I meet that become a part of creating those magical memories. The ones whom we all have met, loved, and lost wether by choice or by the greater scheme of things. In which has made us the individuals that we are.
We all have them in our lives... but allot of us take it for granted that they are here because when you are in the here and now... time is suspended and you don't often think ahead to the time when they may not be. 

I think we must all realize that life is hard.. It isn't for all of us! But your choices and your actions are what affect people around you. You may feel you are the only person that goes through troubles or mistakes. Like those annoying days where if anything will go wrong, look out cause it will! Well truth is we all have those moments and those stories that we could tell a thousand of.. But when you are in that moment.. you are the only one. 

Let me tell you that this life is stronger than any of us here and our grand creator (whomever you choose that to be) is stronger than any of us could ever be. We are here for a reason or a plan or whatever it is you believe. The point is ...We should not think of our lives as a sentence per say, but as an adventure, as a gift from the one above, a blessing, a challenge. 

Live your Life to the fullest, have no regrets, love life..  we only get one chance. 
If you let hate and fear consume you.. you will have wasted the grandest adventure given to you. 

Be strong! Be helpful! Love those who feel unloved... protect those who need protecting... give your all and expect nothing in return... your greatest pay back is knowing within yourself that you are the person you were meant to be. 

My mom always told me... " God helps those who helps themselves". .. 
and what that  means to you may not mean the same to another. For me it meant if you struggle or you hurt.. no one but you can help you achieve the goal you desire. 

Yes our father above watches over us and guides us, but ultimately it is us that chooses the path we take. In choosing our path we will fall and we will fail, but to know deep in your heart that our God is with us gives you the strength to move forward. 

We are all truly blessed in one way or anther.. and your blessing is the perfect blessing for you.. if you do not have what another has,,,,then you need to realize that you were not meant to have that blessing. You have to reach deep inside your soul.. your very being and count each and every one that you have.. small or large... they are there... 

If you are angry and jealous about another's, then you are blinded from the gifts that are in front of you. Remember always that there is NO ONE better that another (unless you are talking about our God). We all walk, talk, eat, drink ect the same as another. we may not all look the same, we may not all have the same job, education or families. But we all are people.. we all have feelings, good or bad.. a feeling none the less. We all need food and water and love to survive. 

Make a plan for yourself. Try to make a positive impact on at least one person every day. wether it be a smile, a gesture, a gift or even just a simple hug. You will reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams. you will see all the amazing beautiful blessings that are meant for you.  I know it may be hard while going through your own struggles but the response and positive energy you receive from your small gesture may be the one thing that save a life or a bad decision being made. The impact that you make on another may never be known by you. But if you have to make an impact, don't you want it to be a positive one. 

Remember folks, and I know you all know this... but none the less, we all need to hear it from time to time...God does NOT like ugly!!   

Now that said.....On to the Adventure!!!!


  1. What a WONDERFUL blog and inspiring Pep Talk. It is a very healthy opportunity for everyone to take time to be introspective and work through and appreciate each day's "adventures" and challenges. You have been a remarkable positive influence in the community and your good deeds have often gone punished and yet you have persevered in order to keep serving others. Thank you. That speaks volumes!
    I am so happy to see you writing and look forward to reading more!
    Many Blessings and much appreciation for the love that you and Randall have showered upon me as the "stranger in town" these last nearly 2 years....It is a joy knowing you!

    1. Your strength is a treasure and lesson for us all.. Your kind words and thoughtfulness will remain in my heart forever..Thank you for being you!

  2. Congratulations! On your first Blog Wendy. Xoxo Lil

    1. Thanks Girl... Loads more to come..God Bless you and your sweetheart...


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